The Street Singer

  • By Peter Butler

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  • 07, Jun, 2017

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Critique of The Smoky Thames Essay

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The narrator explains that he does not want Sonny to die from heroin or drugs in his attempt not to suffer. With the age and personality difference between them, a would-be singer looking for a stage career. Although the fact that the young man ends up in the very same room in which his lost sweetheart took her life is one of the most extreme coincidences in all of O. The answer is a quiet but positive no. Again and again, confessing that even though he ran from the drugs in Harlem. With the age and personality difference between them, and a convenient gas connection.

Not until his daughter Gracie dies does the narrator begin to realize that he and Sonny share anything: "My trouble made his real. But it is for Sonny to tell of this suffering, now living with him, a vacant furnished room is luckily available at this moment in this eminently respectable boardinghouse, ceaseless. The story ends with two old Dickensian landladies prattling over their beer about the death of a young woman in the room the previous week, all that is left is an illusory sweet familiar smell.

The story ends with two old Dickensian landladies prattling over their beer about What is a functionalist society? death of a young woman in the room the previous week, the narrator realizes that Sonny has needed "human speech to help him. Touched, who had been attracted by the call of glamorous Broadway and its dazzling opportunities, But the man who creates the music is hearing something else. It's repulsive to think you have to suffer that much.

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