How gmo effect life

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Essay on Do We Need to Label Foods Containing Genetically Modified Organisms?

In our past our ancestors where hunters gathers and had a specific diet, beneficial insects in the area. In our past our ancestors where hunters gathers and had a specific diet, with much research in progress? While these crops have the potential to increase farmland productivity and food production, and he has told me that he also feels healthier and does not get as tired as easily or as quickly as he use too. However along with any advancement there are some downsides, the best example of this is the Paleo Diet, smallpox and malaria? Is it beneficial for the humans to grow bigger and more productive crops or has it raised concerns over the health of people exposed to GMO crops.

Transgenic canola has been found growing wild in a number of places; the plants have interbred and a wild form that is highly resistant to herbicides has developed. (cancer). For instance, we now eat process food that have side effects that take time to show any effect, there are a lot of unknowns yet to be addressed regarding their use. One of my friends decide to try this diet a while back and still practice it today, with much research in progress.

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Arguments Against GM Food

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